By Joan Lee
on May 27, 2024
Read in 1 min

There are plenty of destinations to travel to on a budget. Nowadays, each continent is filled with multiple affordable destinations? If you are someone who wants to go and not spend much, below is a list of five of the most affordable places to travel internationally:

1. Portugal

Consider Portugal as a safe European country. Out of all of the European countries, Portugal is among one of the most affordable countries within Europe. It is a gorgeous country filled with tons of delicious food and wine, stunning beaches, cliffs, and historic landmarks. Their capital, Lisbon has the best attractions for tourists, and just outside of the town there are plenty of bargain prices. 

2. India

India offers 15 places to travel on a shoestring budget. $1 USD is equivalent to 71 Indian rupees, saving US travelers 29 cents. It is considered as one of the best backpack destinations where it is almost impossible to spend $40 a day if travelers avoid up-scale hotels. India is an enormous country with incredibly delicious food, kind people, great history, and plenty of fun things to do. 

3. China

China is a marvelous place for travelers to create precious fun traveling memories and it is very affordable! If visitors want to save money, they need to get out of China's large cities. You can find hostels at a rate price of $15 and food for only $2. Pretty affordable!

4. Cambodia

Cambodia is an Asian country based in Southeast Asia. It is a beautiful and inexpensive country filled with charming locals. It possible for travelers to find hotel deals for a room for the affordable price of just $20 USD. Food cost is from anywhere between $2 - $4 and visitors can visit in the country for a surprising amount of $20. They can spend $50 in a few days. Amazing! 

5. Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe countries like Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, and Moldova are incredibly affordable countries. In Ukraine, if you are spending $40 a day, you are living large. Likewise, hotel rooms may cost you no more than $8 USD for a night and a couple of bucks for transportation.

This is not legal or financial advice. Please consult a legal or financial advisor for your specific situation.